Abbey Dental, is a real real joke. OMG where do they get these people, they advertise the lowest prices in TOWN, ok but what they are leaving out is THE POOREST QUALITY OF DENTISTS AND MEDICAL DENTAL PRODUCTS IN TOWN.

The Dentist will always leave out a tooth or your crown will definitely fall out OH maybe 4-5 times after countless visits back to eastern to try and have it fixed. Oh yes and there is Carolynn the manager I think she makes up her own prices when U have your consultation with her. I had a crown done on one of my back teeth, well guess what wrong size crown too big, it was some guy's crown in California, and the Ca. dental office was holding mine, needless to say I was at that office for 8hrs.

that day. All the time was used to find out where my crown was.

I don't no how this place can stay in business, Oh and keep using that same pathetic commercial with that crazed looking receptionist, I wish Abbey Dental would come up with another set of lies and a different crazed individual to do the commercial. Well that's my experience with the Lowest Quality in Town.

Product or Service Mentioned: Abbey Dental Dental Crown Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

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yes I agree there are very dishonest they charge too much for doing work that is not needed at all take from a former dental Hygienist I know there are dishonest We had them for a dental office,absolute dental,fenway dental it seems even worse than other states because this the second chance state that means a dentist,a doctor a lawyer any ex felon can and does work here.House cleaners drug drug deals can come to your home or into any office and kill anyone,it is terrble have a state that is a second chance state.TAKE CARE


I abolutely agree. Greedy and causes problems for future work

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