This is a waring for you. I went to Abbey Dental to get a free consultation for dentures, Anna G.

was the agent in the finance Dept. She said that it would be better to have studs put in my lower jaw to hold the bottom plate. I needed an MRI first, so we went out, across the parking lot to their office where they have the MRI machine. I had the MRI.

At first she said I wasn’t a candidate because of bone loss. Then we walked back across the parking lot and by the time we got back to the office she said I was a good candidate for the studs, even though when I asked her why she said I wasn’t, then, miraculously 2 minutes later she said I was. She came up with a price that she showed me on the computer screen. I really didn’t get a clear explanation of the itemized charges.

Then she told me to sign on an electronic device on her desk. Then she told me what the monthly payments would be AFTER I SIGNED. It was somewhere close to $250 a month. I would NEVER have agreed to pay this amount.

I refused and she said she would have to wait until next week to get the offer rescinded since it was late Friday afternoon and her supervisors were the only ones who could authorize this and they had already left for the weekend. I left with nothing, no documents, no paperwork, as I came there. After thinking about it and how dishonest she had been, constantly telling me she was honest through the whole discussion, I decided didn’t want anything done through Abbey Dental. Anna called me the next week.

That’s when I told her I was cancelling any further treatment. She said I still had to come in to sign in person to cancel the transaction. When I got there she took me in to her office. I told her I wouldn’t do the procedure and was not interested in going any further with them.

She then left the office and brought in Shay, a closer I guess. While talking to Shay with Anna there I told her I could not deal with Anna because she had been so dishonest with me. I explained how I had never agreed to the payment amount for the price she had quoted. At that point Anna got really heated and Shay had to tell her to leave the office.

Shay apologized to me for Anna’s behavior and explained to me that Anna was new and therefore out of line. Then the hard sell started. I told her my concerns and she assured me that she understood. She then presented me with a new plan with a revised amount of approximately $7,800.

Remember, I have until this day, as I write this NEVER received any totals or amounts, documentation or paperwork from Abbey Dental. Then I get this credit card in the mail for $10,600 from Care Credit card company. Since she had quoted me a price for far less than that amount, I was under the impression that this card would entitle me to further treatment in the future at my discretion. I went to get the impressions made and chose what the dentures would look like.

A few days later after signing on this electronic device again, Shay called and said the dentists refused to do the procedure for the price she had quoted me explaining that they couldn’t afford to do it that cheaply. At that point I cancelled again, right then. At the same time I was looking for a new place to live and I went to check my credit score that I follow routinely. My score had dropped 40 points!

40 points lower and Abbey Dental has charged the CC card over the limit, $10,600, I immediately cancelled the credit card. Then I called the dentist, Dr. Kenneth Duffie, that did the impressions and he assured me that no one had consulted with him and he had nothing to do with the billing. I then told him I was no longer interested in getting any further work done and he said the owner would take care of the entire matter.

Shay called me again, not the owner and she told me they had already made the dentures and therefore I was responsible for the bill. This was only two days after I had the impressions done even though they had told me that the dentures would not be ready for another two weeks. This was the same people (both liars) that had originally quoted me a price of $250 for lowers and $450 for uppers as they advertise on their TV commercial. I NEVER would have gone there had I known what I now know about Abbey Dental.

Bait and switch: now it’s $1,800+ that they say I’m obligated to pay. They will destroy my credit score. I had been previously quoted $4.121 for the entire procedure in Laughlin (Affordable Dental) as I told them in the very beginning and they assured me they could be competitive for the price. Further, I had even offered to up my existing plan with Humana in order to cover extractions and again both of these dishonest representatives assured me it wouldn’t be necessary.

As I’m writing this, I just got another call from them to ask me how I was feeling after my procedure; extractions and fitting of my dentures. WHAT?! It got WAY WORSE. Dealing with Care Credit (Synchrony Bank, yeah Sam’s Club Credit’s bank) is one for the history books.

This group wastes your time with representatives that can’t answer any questions, they just record everything and say they’ll get back to you. Don’t waste your time, the answer is, “It’s your fault and you will pay or your credit rating is doomed”! I disputed this bill twice and am stuck with paying for dentures I’ll probably never use. Now remember, I signed for the $7,800 procedure, then told this horror show Care Credit Synchrony Bank I never received any contract.

So they send in the documents a sales receipt copy for $9,700 TOTAL, but they charged the credit card, without telling me for $10,700, then another Patient Ledger for $11,580. I ONLY APPROVED THE $7,800, but since they have my signature on some digital device they put it anywhere they want, forever, a year has gone by now. I finally called at least 10 times and my wife called too, she has a different name and number than me. Finally 2 calls back and I went and picked up my dentures, I’ll never be able to use them, but at least I’m not paying for NOTHING.


Duffie handed the dentures to me and said he remembered my call a year ago when he begged me not to report him, his insurance will go up. If you plan to go to Abbey Dental, I feel for you, I’ll deal with my broken teeth, maybe I’ll go back to Affordable, there’s one in Centennial Hills.

Product or Service Mentioned: Abbey Dental Dentures.

Reason of review: dishonest sales staff.

Monetary Loss: $1590.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Location: 4408 S Eastern Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89119, USA

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They are pulling the same with me. Opened three credit accounts without permission.

Kept giving me different quotes, then would not give me anything in writing. Stay far away, I wonder how many seniors they have screwed


I'm a senior and Abby Dental is screwing the wrong senior. I have contacted numerous people for help.

I am receiving it. You do not have to be a senior to go with The route I am taking.I hope for all these people you can contact me and I will put You in contact to help yourself and others. No excuses for this kind of business practice.

I'm on a journey to change things.please call sherry R. 702-367-****


Yes their commercials are full of it...we don't care if you have bad credit. Yeah, abbey dental doesn't but care credit does...

I would never recommend them.

Don't get me wrong..the work they did i am pleased (for something that i had to "settle" for less). The process from the "finance counselor/department" ..that is the major problem i feel and was very displeased!


Well I had considered going to Abbey to have some work done however after reading several review's. I'm gonna have to pass on Abbey.

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