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I paid total fee on my Moms dentures. Abbey Dental It's the name I took my mother.

She was so excited to get her dentures. The procedure very simple, removed the remaining tooths, take measurements for dentures & a be back appointment to placed them. But on February 2012 she had to go back, because they forgot a piece of tooth, not to mention it took almost two hours on waiting, BUT today 04/05/2012, I had to take my mom back for the same reason, THEY LEFT ANOTHER PIECE OF TOOTH from different area, and we had to wait more than 2 Hrs. I complaint with a manager name Jamee, but it made no difference.

And one of their Asian receptionist wasn't even prepared on hot to handle our customer service needs.

Who ever read this pay attention I don't recommend Abbey Dental from Eastern location. And if you go, make sure you go on your day off, because it takes more than an hour just to called you in on your already set appointment...

Product or Service Mentioned: Abbey Dental Dentures.

Location: San Jose, California

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OK, long story but must be told. After going to 5 different Dental places, and being told I was not a candidate for implants, I went to Abbey.

Anna G sold me on a plan. I paid cash ($11,000 total) for dentures. Had to return 7 times ' cause upper denture was loose / would not stay in place. Pain in the *** THEN, by blessing of the tooth fairy, I'm A GOOD CANDITATE FOR AN UPPER IMPLANT, FOR ONLY $21,000!!!!

I'm a lucky guy!!!! Called my cousin in Yuma, got his dentist in Mexico, made appointment, getting implants, (upper and lower) for $10,000, 3 year warranty.

6 hour drive from 'Vegas, but worth it. Ask me, Don, 208-659-**** or lyon_don@***.co.

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