Are liars they did me so wrong,If you do go tape everything they say, they’re known for doing a lot of fraud they had me sign paperwork when it was under anesthesia for a loan that I would’ve never done and instead of doing the right thing they kicked me out of the practice I never thought they would do something like this I’ve known him for years don’t risk it they gave me a card that they would fix my teeth for 25 years if anything went wrong and they didn’t even do it for six months if you go there now get out, I was married to dentist so I know a lot about The business more people I talk to the more people I find out that they were treated awful and now I have to do the lawsuit just remember it’s illegal for anybody to have you sign anything for 48 hours after you’ve had Anastasia good luck to everyone

Product or Service Mentioned: Abbey Dental Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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They did the same thing to me after paying $20000 with interest charges they made a regular upper denture and a three post lower denture. They have never fit right they move come out cant chew and they trap lots of food behind until they come loose. Kept going back an then they sent me an e-mail from Ashley that I am banned from coming to Abbey Dental and they will do nothing to fix my dentures.


My implants were done in 2016, I still can't eat regular food, I have been eating Applesauce and mashed potatoes since May 2016. The first set of implants lost teeth after 6 weeks they did not brake, but slipped, the dental tech suggested my husband stop hitting me in the mouth....the second implant now has a lot of band-aids, 6 months later I got a second set of dentures, because the other ones had to be fixed so often that I did not have have any in my mouth, those teeth are actually snap on teeth.

I was not informed that the teeth would come out, the Dentist told us, that they could stay in several weeks at a time, just needed new rings from time to time. That concept does not seem to work, as every time I try to bite into something they come loose (out). You know how embarrassing that is, and unhealthy. On the second set of teeth the top set broke....When I complained to the BBB, they replied that it was my fault as I had Osteoporosis all over and that I was grinding my teeth.

Through the Nellis Hospital I have a complete Health History for over 50 years, complete with test results. I submitted a bone density test from July 2016 and October 2019, the last time I had contact with a Dentist at Abbey Dental. Now Dr. Ostler answered that I was not a very good candidate for implants, because of bone lost and my teeth grinding.

At the very beginning I ask if I was a good Candidate because of my age, even though they stated, that I was a good candidate teeth and did not need bone repair.. funny, that if I was not a good candidate why would they sell me a second set and a third set....I contacted Abbey Dental 6 or 7 times by phone from February 2020 through July, at that time I wrote to letters and never got an answer. In January 2020 I went to talk to "Jamie", she was at that time the Manager of ABBEY DENTAL, she had another set of X-Rays done, and told me she would get in contact with the two Dentist concerned and would call me to figure out what to do. I also told her at that time and took Documents to her, that in Europe Dentist would extract Plasma from patients and use the fibrin in it to put in before the implants and that would prevent bone loss.

I also gave her the information of places to contact here in the US. Anyway she never responded.

When I finally got a response, it was from a Lady named Ashley, ad she said that Jamie was no longer the manager, the Dentist are now their own Managers and responsible. I told her that my contract was with Abbey Dental.....

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