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I'm pushing for a law that limits all advertiser to a specific number of time a day that the same companies, their subsidiaries or an individual may advertise the same product. I myself change the channel every time the Abbey Dental commercial comes on which most times causes me to start a new show on another channel.

If I were a network television show producer, I would be pissed off about advertisers killing my ratings. Everyone should changed the channel in the hope that television show producers will see a diminished returning viewer audience after commercials and investigate the cause. The cause? Advertiser abuses.

Plain and simple! Money talks and it does what we say because it's ours and they want it. That's the power of capitalism! I can tell you that I have not finished a whole television in years that was not recorded so that I could skip the commercials.

I do not bother with on-demand shows where my fast forward button is disabled. I vote with my remote.

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Extremely annoying commercials

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