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Read full review! Deception.

My 79 year old Father in law dying of terminal cancer went to Abbey dental to have his teeth looked at before he started his final chemo treatment.

The people at Abbey Dental talked him into getting $10,000 worth of dental treatment! It was fully disclosed that he had cancer and was going for chemo treatment before they started any work. When he called me and I found out about what they wanted to do I immediately told him to go back into them and tell them he didn't want any work done and that he would just pay for what was started, I was later told by him that when he went in to tell them there were 3 separate people that in his words ganged up on him and talked him into getting the work done. I live in Chicago and he lives here in Las Vegas.

A couple weeks after I spoke to him I called him again to follow up and after he told me all of what happened I immediately called and spoke to a Norma who after I explained the situation all she said to me was why didn't he bring anyone with him? it was at that point I absolutely knew that this Dental office was up to no good, about a week later my father received papers that he signed which of course now we know he signed under duress and pressure sales tactics as if they had read the paperwork them selves not only does he say that he has cancer on the paperwork but he discussed it with them. Using financing is the biggest sales tactic in order to get someone to spend money that they necessarily don't need to spend. What 80 year old man who has terminal cancer would in their right mind would spend $10,000?????

No one I know. I see that this dental office spends a lot of money on TV advertising I would assume in my opinion that they need to pay for all that advertising somehow. Deception there's no other word to describe it!

Their actions tell me that they believe they are untouchable and can continue to get away with practicing the way they do, what they don't know is in today's world it's actually sites such as this that truly gives the power back to the people to best make their own informed decisions and to stay away at their own desecration. Thank you for taking time to read my review.

Product or Service Mentioned: Abbey Dental Customer Care.

Reason of review: Deception.

Monetary Loss: $10000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Abbey Dental Cons: Deception.

Location: 4448 S Eastern Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89119, USA

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I was thinking of going there but I sure as *** won't now. Thank you.


I went in there expecting to see my dentist who has treated me before and was given new paperwork to fill out with financing options. Then I was greeted by a treatment coordinator.

He looked uncomfortable. He told me my dentist was not in, and that I needed $150.00 X-rays. He was asking me to finance the cost of the X-rays. I felt like I was going to slaughter.

So, I left. I remember when I paid 5 dollars for x-rays there, and the when the waiting room was full of clients.

Now it’s empty and the staff has turned into a pack of wolves. Not going back!

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