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Went in to have 9 teeth removed to get a denture. I felt like I stepped back into 1960's.

Worse shots I have ever had. I worked for dentists for years and shots do not have to hurt. This one did not sure even use a topical (to deaden the skin before the shot)

Every shot hurt. HURT!

When I saw how old the dentist was, I was hoping he knew how to give a painless shot. No! I felt like I was in the dental chair and 10 years old again. He was late to the appt.

He didn't even wait for the shots to take effect and started to extract the tooth!

He even yelled at me for "pulling" away. Horrible experience....save yourself the pain and go elsewhere!

Location: 4408 S Eastern Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89119, USA

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I had the same experience with Dr. Ostler.

The shots hurt, as if he were purposefully hurting me.

In addition, he did not wait for the numbing to take effect before pulling my teeth (very forcefully). Not a happy camper!

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