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Dr. Earl removed a tooth that was broken and he had to insert a temporary bridge between two good teeth where the tooth was removed.

What he did was put an oversized temporary eyetooth deep into my gum area and now I look like I have a oversized tooth coming down from my gum area. I spoke to him and he was immediately defensive, that he has been a dentist for 40 years and that is the way my tooth was. I told him I know what my mouth looks like and my tooth never went way up into my gum area. It looks awful!!

Well, if he's been doing this for 40 years ,he needs to think seriously of retiring because he NOT A GOOD DENTIST! Now I have to live with this oddity in my mouth. The damage is done. All I could do is request a different dentist to complete the bridge.

Nothing can be done to the gum area unless I wanted "surgery", of which I would have to pay because they are claiming no fault (of course...). Once they are done with my permanent tooth, I will be sure to let EVERYONE know NEVER to go to Abbey Dental.

The best dentists there have left Abbey Dental practice and then you're left with dentists like Dr. Earl.

Product or Service Mentioned: Abbey Dental Dental Bridges.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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