True Las Vegas story: once I found out I have a cavity and it likely needs a crown. My own dentist said $600+ because they only do porcelain. So I called Abbey Dental (you've seen the low price guarantee commercials right? "Call Abbey Dental second opinions are free!")

First question I asked: do you take Teachers Health Trust insurance. She said YES.

Then, shall I bring my xrays with me? She says oh no that's not necessary xrays are included in the second opinion.

These turned out to be lies. Reading the fine print showed that they don't accept ANY insurance AT ALL. They suggest you pay them in full, in advance, then ask your insurance provider to be reimbursed.

Oh and the 'included' xrays? If I had missed the fine print and let them touch me I would owe them $150.

Walked out of that shady office. Which I might add is all the way across town.

An hour of driving for NOTHING


Product or Service Mentioned: Abbey Dental Dental Crown Service.

Location: 4408 S Eastern Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89119, USA

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