Had upper dentures put in. After many trys at having them correctly fitted, i am not able to wear them at all.

My gums bleed and the pain when i try to eat is so bad.I have medicade. They told me if i paid i could get something better. There only out for money not the patient! Something has to be done about them.

I have also posted pictures to show how bad they are. ( I also have a large crack on my gum line which they refused to fix )I have talked to there customer care (Kate) who said she wold look into the matter and get back with me, and after weeks there still has been no word. I have called them several times,left my name and the reason for calling and still no one gets back to me. It is very embarressing to have to go out in public with no teeth.

My speech is also not correct because of the lack of teeth.

My food also has to be soft because i cant chew. I have explained all these things to them with out any caring on there part.

Product or Service Mentioned: Abbey Dental Customer Care.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

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Call the TV station get some more people together believe me they will get the job done


They are under new management now. It's an older woman who gets things done.

Call or go back and ask for her. I did, she got my crown glued on right and I only waited total 25 minutes in and out.

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